Q: Has your structure been sanitised before opening?
A: Yes, everything, including pool area and outdoor common and private spaces have been sanitised before reopening. At reception we hold the certificate issued by the company who did the sanitisation.

Q: Are rooms sanitised daily?
A: Yes, all rooms, whether there is a change of guests or not, are sanitised every day by our personnel with specifically approved products.
To complete the cleaning, in every room we use an ozone sanitizer (N-Germi-cid O3 Suite20 – ISO 9001).

Q: Are the pool and common areas sanitised?
A: Yes, every evening when the pool is closed our personnel sanitises all the pool beds and tables, as well as all tables and chairs in common spaces.

Q: Do we have to wear a face mask?
A: As per recent Government decree, it is compulsory to wear a face mask everywhere except in your own room and while eating. PLEASE BRING YOUR OWN MASK AND ALSO YOUR OWN SWIMMING CAP FOR THE POOL.

Q: Do you have sanitising gels?
A: Yes, you will find sanitising gel at reception, in the breakfast room and by the pool.

Q: Are there outdoor spaces for guests?
A: Borgo del Cabreo is surrounded by a 2 acre garden. While some bedrooms have their own outdoor private space, guests are welcome to walk around the garden where there are also outdoor tables and chairs.

Q: Is there enough space for everyone around the pool?
A: Yes, our pool area is large enough to ensure that every room has its own umbrella with two sunbeds and social distancing is maintained.

Q: Where can we eat our meals?
R: Borgo del Cabreo offers a delicious and abundant breakfast, but we do not have a restaurant.
In the nearby town of Greve (1 km) and in the surrounding villages there are numerous very good restaurants, some of them also with outside space.
However, if you wish to have supper ‘at home’ we can organise take-away meals from one of the nearby pizzeria/restaurants. The service is available every evening from 5pm to 7pm. You can find the menu at reception and our staff will be happy help you with the reservation.

Q: Where can we purchase wine?
A: Borgo del Cabreo is part of the winery Tenute Folonari. We have a small Wine Shop on site where you can by a selection of our prize winning wines as well as our delicious Extra-virgin olive oil ‘EVO’. You are welcome to enjoy the wine during your stay with us, or we could also organise shipment to your home country.

Q: Do you have family rooms?
A: Borgo del Cabreo is structured as 3 separate homes. In three of our largest bedrooms there are sofabeds that can accommodate 1-2 children. If you have a larger family you could also book a whole floor (2 or 3 bedrooms) of one of the houses. You will have your private entrance as well as a private living area, just like being in your own home!

Q: Could we book the whole Borgo del Cabreo?
A: Yes you certainly can, at no additional cost but with a minimum stay of 3 nights. You will be able to enjoy fully our beautiful 10 bedrooms and 1 deluxe suite, accommodating a total of up to 24 people.

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